KPUR Amarillo with Craig Vaughn

Craig Vaughn at KPUR Amarillo was one of the first folks to really get behind Music City Joke – playing the album in its entirety on air the day of the release, pushing “That Train,” & “Honey, Shake!” to the…

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On the Road

Got some good shows right around the corner – check out all the tour dates right here.

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Hope to see y'all out!  


Grady Smith's Best Songs of 2021

Grady Smith really has his finger on the pulse of all things Country & Americana (maybe that should be a new genre-like Country & Western) so, it was really cool to have “That Train” be included on his 2021 list…

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"Music City Joke" Best of 2021 Round-Up

This time last year, we were just a couple weeks away from releasing “Music City Joke.” The broad goal, according to my Kickstarter campaign, was “to get the songs out to as many listeners as possible.” While there are still…

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